Persons aged from 12 years old up to ? years old, providing you are in good physical health.
Persons under 18 years of age will require parent or legal guardian authorisation.
The maximum weight for a passenger is 120kgs
There is a height restriction of 195cms
Footwear must be closed (no thongs or sandals)
Light casual clothing.
Flights are available 7 days a week except New Years Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day from 8.00am until dusk.
The time you book in for is the time we expect you to arrive at our office.
Allow up to 2 hours to get your flight done incase of small weather or Air Traffic Control delays.
Weather conditions are difficult to predict and can change frequently. Your safety is our number one concern. Flights will be rescheduled if the weather is not suitable.
A light meal for breakfast or lunch prior to your flight is recommended. Not eating in an attempt to avoid motion sickness can be detrimental. – Hangovers or alcohol related effects are not permitted.
For safety reasons, unfortunately no loose items can be carried in the aircraft.
Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the day of purchase, unless a date is specified when ordering.
This flight is about you, not about us – We do this everyday. Therefore if you don’t want to loop, roll and twist, then we won’t loop, roll and twist. Your pilot will be in constant communication with you during the flight. By monitoring your progress the flight can be adapted to ensure you are comfortable at all times. All aircraft carry sick bags, should they be required.
Yes! We offer a full HD Video option, edited and uploaded for you.
Yes. Email or call for a quote.
Please note that all passengers will be required to sign an acknowledgment of risk stating that they understand and agree that;
– Persons fly in this aircraft at their own risk,
– This aircraft is an ex-military aircraft, and has been designed for special military operations,
– This aircraft is not required by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to be operated to the same safety standards as normal commercial passenger aircraft.