Teaser Aerobatic Flight

Flight Details

Flight Time: 10 minutes
Aircraft: Yak-52
1 Passenger
$330 per person
Aerobatics: Hell yeah!

This flight is great way to introduce yourself to the world of aerobatics, its short but with plenty of adrenalin. From the moment you climb aboard this Russian YAK 52 aircraft, you will get the sensation of what it was like to be a World War II combat fighter pilot.

Your aerobatic adventure flight begins with a custom briefing, which includes all aspects of the flight, aircraft details and safety procedures, then strap yourself in and hang on as you climb to 4000ft above the Gold Coast airport, where you will then bang out an aerobatic routine, which includes, rolls, loops, flying inverted, feel the g-forces, reaching speeds of over 300km/h. As the name suggests, this flight will no doubt leave you wanting more!