Ultra Aerobatic Flight

Flight Details

Flight Time: 25 minutes
Aircraft: Yak-52
1 Passenger
$420 per person
Aerobatics: Hell yea!

This aerobatic adventure flight over the Gold Coast is an experience like no other; it is the ultimate thrill!

From the moment you climb aboard this Russian YAK 52 aircraft, you will get the sensation of what it was like to be a World War II combat fighter pilot. During this aerobatic adventure flight, you will experience the thrill of an aerobatic routine involving exhilarating manoeuvres, medium to high g-forces, as you loop, roll and twist through the sky, with the spectacular Gold Coast City and beaches below you. 

Your aerobatic adventure flight begins with a custom briefing, which includes all aspects of the flight, aircraft details and safety procedures. You will then gear up in your flight suit, strap yourself in, hang on and prepare for a fantastic, mind-twisting aerobatic flight. During the flight, your professional pilot will perform manoeuvres such as loops and barrel rolls. As the pilot and yourself are the only ones on board, you can request the full aerobatic treatment, or ask the pilot to tone it down, for a more right way up adventure flight.