Choose Your Adventure

Whether you’re tackling your Bucket List or living out a childhood fantasy, Gold Coast Adventure Flights provides a truly unique aviation experience at a whole new level.

At Gold Coast Adventure Flights, you’re not just a passenger on a warbird flight, you can choose your own adventure. With a variety of flight paths to choose from, there is a package that fits every taste and budget.

An aerobatic flight over the Gold Coast is an experience like no other; it is the ultimate thrill!

This adventure flight has all the fun, excitement and thrills, and is a fantastic introductory experience to the thrill of flying in a Warbird.

The best way to see the Gold Coast, from the extensive man made canals and waterfront homes, as well as our great beaches and lush green hinterland. Come and experience it for yourself, from a totally different perspective.

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Live Life As
An Adventure

Take to the skies above the glorious Gold Coast with your accomplished pilot for an adventure you’ll always remember. Whether you’re an experienced thrill seeker, or an adventurous first timer, the exhilarating aerobatics of Gold Coast Adventure Flights promises to be on of your most memorable lifetime activities.

Reasons to get onboard

Sarah Cabral

I got my partner a flight and it was fantastic. He really enjoyed it and the staff were great with me and my kids even letting the kids have an up close look at the plane. Mick was full of energy and very professional and funny. Loved the whole experience. Perhaps my turn next time.

Andrew Rankin

Best Father’s Day present ever! Had a ball with Mick. I challenged him to make me sick and even after non stop aerobatics he couldn’t. I wish I could have gone again. I’ll be back for another go!

Nick Samson

I just surprised my partners father with a Yak 52 Adventure Flight and he loved it. Nervous at the start but didn’t want to get out of it at the end. Mick the pilot was very professional and looked after my partners father very well and i couldn’t be more impressed.

Speeds Over 300km, Barrel Rolls, Ridiculous Facial Expressions and More